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  • Arab world slams PA leader Abbas for attending Peres' funeral
  • Pere's children invite Israeli public to attend Shiva
  • Pro-Palestinian women's flotilla to set sail in three days

Voices in the Arab world expressed outrage on Saturday over the decision by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority leader, to attend the funeral of Shimon Peres, Israel's former President and Prime Minister. A senior Palestinian official has been suspended after criticizing Abbas' decision on Facebook. Mahmoud al-Zahar, the co-founder of Hamas, lashed out at Abbas in an interview on Iranian television, and said he does not represent the Palestinian people's opinion.

Hundreds of Israelis came to Mount Herzl in Jerusalem over the weekend to pay their last respects to Shimon Peres. One of the visitors said, "It is heart-breaking to think that there will never be anyone like him." Peres' family will be sitting Shiva at the center for peace in Jaffa which was founded by the Nobel Prize winner in 1996. The Shiva will be open for the public. Peres' children said in a statement, "We feel that it is not only us who are in mourning, but the entire people of Israel."


The Israeli government has approved the construction of about 100 new housing units in the West Bank. These buildings are being offered as an alternative for the residents of the Amona illegal outpost, which the Supreme Court has ordered to evacuate.


An armed man shot a security guard at a Moscow synagogue, after the guard stopped him from breaking into it. Reports have claimed that the man was carrying a gas cylinder and said he wanted to burn the place down.


Pro-Palestinian women from all over the world will set sail from Italy in three days, with the intention of arriving in the shores of Gaza. In the meantime, they're practicing the highly likely scenario of being questioned by Israeli security forces. Though they are almost certain they will not actually make it to Gaza, the media attention they will get is their real purpose.

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