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  • Rocket hits Sderot, IDF strikes Hamas in Gaza
  • Women's flotilla intercepted by Israeli army
  • Arab nations promote Arafat's nephew as new PA president

The Israel Air Force launched air attacks against Hamas targets in Gaza following rockets landing in a residential area in Sderot on Wednesday.  Municipal workers were unable to reach nearby  shelters in time before the large explosion.  One resident cried, "I cannot continue to live like this.  The rockets keep coming." In retaliation, the IDF targeted a Hamas training camp and rocket arsenal near the refugee camp Khan Yunis focusing on North and Central Gaza. After the Kassam rocket landed in Sderot, about 10 people were treated for shock. The rocket, which landed near a school, was the third to land in the last three months without being intercepted by the Iron Dome Defense System. Palestinian residents of Gaza filmed the IDF airstrike. "Look how much the Jews spend on a mere $100 worth of rockets," he said. Representatives of the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. Local Israeli councils were alerted to prepare for a possible escalation in the area.

The Zaytouna-Oliva, which is being used by the Women’s Boat to Gaza group, was intercepted as it made its way to Gaza on Wednesday. Most of the Israeli soldiers who boarded the boat were women from the Snapir unit and a course for skippers. The women received the Israeli soldiers without violence. The organization claims that its goal is to break the naval blockade that Israel is imposing on the Gaza Strip. There were 15 women aboard, none of whom are Israeli, and a reporter from Al Jazeera.  

Various Arab nations announced on Wednesday that they will promote Nassar Al kidwa, the nephew of Yassir Arafat as the next President of the Palestinian Authority. In the meantime, the present President of the Paleatinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas has announced that he has no intention of leaving office.

Sermons filmed in Jerusalem and connected to the Islamic state were viewed preaching that the Jews do not allow Moslems to pray at the Dome of the Rock.  Under the guise of the organization, Hazab A Tachrir in East Jerusalem, study sessions are taught by supporters of the Islamic State. Various Israeli politicians were irate that the organization was allowed to continue in their incendiary practice and were looking for ways to outlaw them in Israel.  This organization is illegal even in Turkey.  

The US State Department has released a strong condemnation of Israel's announcement that it will build in the settlement Shvut Rachel Daled in the West Bank. 300 new units will be built in the settlement for those who were evacuated from Amona, an illegal outpost in the West Bank.

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