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  • About 50,000 Israelis attend Rabin memorial rally in Tel Aviv
  • Likud MK says Rabin's assassination was not political
  • US presidential nominees visit battleground states

Tens of thousands of Israelis attended the annual memorial rally for former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in central Tel Aviv. Police blocked several main roads around Rabin Square ahead of the event and asked drivers to avoid the area. The Labor Party stepped in at the last minute to organize the rally after it was nearly cancelled due to lack of funds.

Coalition Chairman MK David Bitan stated during an event in Holon that Rabin's assassination 21 years ago cannot be described as political. "This was done by an individual who wanted to stop certain developments, but it had nothing to do with politicians," said Bitan. He also spoke about the ongoing conflict over the fate of the new public broadcasting corporation, and said he cannot imagine a scenario in which it will not be closed down. He went on to accuse the corporation's chief executives of holding left-wing and anti-government stances. "If you look at these people's Facebook pages," he said, "you can see very clearly that they have a left-wing agenda that they want to push forward."

Hillary Clinton is increasing her lead over Donald Trump, according to a new ABC poll. The Democratic presidential nominee leads by 4% and gets 274 electoral votes. Just three days before the election, both nominees continued to visit battleground states. In Cleveland, Ohio, Clinton appeared alongside musicians Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

The Bank of Israel has requested Bank Hapoalim to transfer all of the documents relating to a former employee's complaint that she was sexually abused by the bank's former CEO, Zion Kenan. The woman alleges that about a decade ago, during a business trip to Kazakhstan, Kenan got her drunk on Vodka and had sex with her while she was semi-conscious. She was later persuaded to sign a contract that gave her NIS 6 million in compensation in exchange for not going public with the story. In an official statement, the bank apologized on Saturday for its handling of the incident.

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