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Tue. Sep 6, 2016 News from Israel

  • Rescue crews race to find 3 survivors in rubble
  • Likud no longer leading party
  • Supreme Court allows rail work on Sabbath

After a construction site in Tel Aviv collapsed on Monday, a third body was pulled out of the rubble on Tuesday.   Rescue crews on site, worked feverously throughout the previous night to locate the missing persons. Yonatan Raz, a rescue worker on site stated, "Although we don't hear voices right now, it could be that they are exhausted or too weak to speak. We will continue to look." On Monday, a 4-story underground parking garage collapsed in Tel Aviv’s Ramat HaHayal neighborhood around 11:25 AM. 24 people were injured in the tragedy. Most of the wounded have already been released from the hospital. Raz added, "We are trying to maintain quiet and dark in case we hear something or someone shines a light."  Hasan Cabah, one of the workers who survived the disaster could not look at the films of the wreckage in the hospital. "It's too traumatic to see this," he said.  The families of the missing people were waiting in the nearby Tel Aviv municipality.

It was reported that only a few months earlier, a similar incident happened in another construction site of the same company, Denya Cibus. Their reaction to the report is as follows: "There was no extensive damage to persons or property and an investigation was launched to learn from this incident."

According to a recent Channel 2 news poll, the Likud party is no longer the leading party in Israeli politics. The poll showed that Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party has the greatest chance to become the next Prime Minister with 24 projected mandates, The Likud dropped to 22, Habayit Hayehudi, 14, and the Zionist Union, 13. Channel 2 news analysts explained that one of the factors for the Likud drop is the recent fiasco with the Religious parties regarding work on the railway station on the Sabbath.

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled to nullify Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s instruction to halt the railroad construction projects on the Sabbath. The Court ruled on Tuesday that Netanyahu cannot independently decide to halt the continuation of the railroad construction projects on the Sabbath at this stage. “The permit has not been revoked or suspended and is valid and therefore, Israel Railways may use it as long as it is not nullified or suspended,” claimed the Supreme Court.

In response, Netanyahu said, "I accept the court's decision. The Ministry of Labor will implement the court's ruling."

Following Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas’ claim that a meeting scheduled between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been postponed by Netanyahu’s request, Netanyahu refuted the allegations. “Just yesterday, Palestinian officials stated that they were willing to meet. But, they had several preconditions -- to release prisoners, they want to know what the results will be before we begin. If Mahmud Abbas is willing to meet directly without preconditions, I am willing to meet him anywhere at any time. I have been waiting for 7 years.”

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