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  • New York Times calls on Obama to promote UN resolution for two-state solution
  • Double murder in northern-Israeli village
  • IAF pilot killed in crash-landing laid to rest

An editorial in the New York Times is slamming Israel's settlement policy, and calling on US President Barack Obama to urge the UN Security Council to pass a resolution that would lay down the guidelines for a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Such a move, the editorial claims, would put pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt construction plans in the West Bank. "That may seem like a bureaucratic response unlikely to change anything," says the article, "but it is the kind of political pressure Mr. Netanyahu abhors and has been working assiduously to prevent."

Two cases of gun violence in northern Israel; On Friday afternoon, a resident of Kfar Yasif was taken to a hospital in critical condition after being shot. This incident follows last night's double murder in the Arab village of Rameh, where two neighbors were shot dead outside the home of one of them. Authorities in the village are holding a general strike in protest of the rising violence.


IAF Maj. Gen. Ohad Cohen Nov, who was killed in a crash-landing on Wednesday, was laid to rest in Moshav Mazor. Hundreds attended his funeral. Cohen Nov is survived by his wife, who is pregnant, and his baby daughter. The IAF Commander has ordered an investigation into the deadly crash, which occurred when the F-16 fighter jet was heading back from an air strike over Gaza.


And now for this week's headlines –


Sat Oct 1

Arab world slams PA leader Abbas for attending Peres' funeral

Peres' children invite Israeli public to attend Shiva

Pro-Palestinian women's flotilla to set sail in three days


Sun Oct 2

IDF seals off West Bank ahead of Rosh Hashana

East Jerusalem members of ISIS terror cell arrested for planning attacks across Israel

Israeli-Arab delegation visits Shimon Peres' Shiva


Tue Oct 4

American businessman questioned about allegations relating to Netanyahu

Herzog denies rumors of progress in unity government talks

John Kerry says US would continue to seek peaceful resolution in Syria


Wed Oct 5

Rocket hits Sderot, IDF strikes Hamas in Gaza

Women's flotilla intercepted by Israeli army

Arab nations promote Arafat's nephew as new PA president


Thu Oct 6

Israeli official attacks US criticism of settlement expansion

Rocket lands in Eshkol region

Israeli Arabs arrested for planned Hezbollah attack

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