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  • Bennett asks for pardon for soldier Azaria
  • Tape with lewd comments endangers Trump's candidacy
  • Deadly accident in north kills two

Education Minister Naftali Bennett recommended a pardon for the soldier Elor Azariah if found guilty of manslaughter. Azariah was accused of shooting a Palestinian terrorist after he was already neutralized. "If found guilty, Azariah must receive an immediate pardon," said Bennett.  "The Defense Minister found him guilty before the trial.  He did not have a chance for a fair trial."

A tape was recorded 10 years ago, with US presidential nominee Donald Trump vulgarly bragging about his touching and kissing various beautiful women. He appeared on a TV show and the microphone was still on when he was in a bus on set. The Republican Party in the US was in crisis on Saturday as leaders called on Trump to leave the presidential race. Senator Mike Lee stated: Republicans quickly retracted support for Trump.     Even Hollywood stars ranted about Trump.  Trump once again apologized for the foolish things he said, stating that he won’t quit — “zero chance.”

Two people were killed and another two injured in a deadly car accident in the North of Israel on Saturday near Nahariah. One of the cars swerved from its lane, hitting the second car head on. In one family, the mother, 80 years old and her son, the driver, 40 years old were killed on the spot.  Paramedics and rescue teams were called to the site to remove the injured from the car including a 2 year old infant and the driver's wife. Because of the difficulty in extracting the wounded, the road was closed for hours.  This particular stretch of highway is known as dangerous. Since 2003, 6 people died and 400 were injured in 150 accidents.

After successful negotiations with airport workers, the threatened strike in Greek airports was cancelled.  Thousands of Israelis vacationing in Greece were very happy to hear the news as they feared that they would be stranded before the upcoming Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement holiday.  Travelers are advised to check on scheduled flights since some of them may still have changes due to the scheduled strike.

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