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  • America votes
  • Netanyahu criticized for lambasting journalist
  • ISIS supporters plan terror attack for soccer game between Israel and Albania

On this momentous Tuesday in the US, both candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went to vote in their home state of New York. Both showed confidence that they would win. Latest polls gave Hillary Clinton a 98% chance of winning.

There was scathing criticism about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to reporter Ilana Dayan’s report on Channel 2. The report dealt with various topics, including Sara Netanyahu’s decisions in running the Prime Minister’s residence as well as interviews with a number of former employees of Netanyahu.  Ilana Dayan stated, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is my prime minister, not my enemy and it is my duty to cover him as news.”  Netanyahu refused to comment on his attacks against Dayan. Following the report, opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, appealed to the attorney general to open an investigation. Herzog stated, “A very dangerous line has been crossed which may lead to harming our journalists. As leader of the Zionist Union Party, I have asked the attorney general to investigate both Dayan’s report as well as the violent and dangerous reaction by Netanyahu.  

FIFA announced on Tuesday that the soccer match between the Albanian and Israeli national teams, which is scheduled for Saturday, will be moved to a different stadium. Four Albanian citizens were arrested on suspicion of supporting ISIS and were planning to carry out a terror attack during the game between the two national teams.

According to a new report by the Ministry of Health, there is a direct connection between heart and lung diseases and the air pollution in the Haifa bay area due to transportation and industries in the area. The report warned that the high incidence of heart and lung disease, cancer and asthma in children is alarming.  The percentage is much higher than the national average.  

The Israeli TV show, "Fauda" was bought by Netflicks and will be streamed to over 100 countries. "Fauda" is a series about a very undercover Israeli army unit and deals with both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Lior Raz, creator of the series, was thrilled. "I am so excited. I want to thank all the writers, actors and others who worked on this production. The second season will air soon."

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