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  • Netanyahu on Trump’s victory: “I look forward to working with him”
  • Terror attack prevented near Nablus in the West Bank
  • IDF attacks Syrian Army post after mortar shell lands in Golan Heights

A dramatic and historic result of the US elections- Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States. The wild election race drew to an end Wednesday as the businessman became the 45th president of America. Trump arrived at his headquarters in New York City and delivered a gracious victory speech. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to Trump and congratulated him on his victory on Tuesday night. Clinton, who lost in the US presidential elections though she received more public votes than Trump, gave her first concession speech only on Wednesday in which she addressed her loss to Donald Trump. President Barack Obama also congratulated president elect Trump and invited him to the White House to discuss the transition of power.

Israeli right wing politicians celebrated Trump's victory and congratulated him. First Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that the outcome of the election shows that America is the largest democracy in the world. “I have no doubt that the relations between the countries will continue and become stronger also during Trump’s presidency,” said Rivlin. Education Minister Naftali Bennett said that Trump’s victory was a great opportunity for Israel to immediately announce its intention to withdraw from the idea of establishing a Palestinian state in the heart of the country." The era of the Palestinian state is over ”he said. Meanwhile Hamas stated “We call on American President Donald Trump to reconsider the American policy that is biased in favor of the occupation and to treat the Palestinian people fairly,” stated Hamas. “The suffering of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian issue continues due to the long-standing Americans’ policy that is biased in favor of the Zionist occupation.”

An attempted terror attack was thwarted Wednesday. The terrorist arrived at the Huwara Junction, which is located south of Nablus, and attempted to stab an IDF soldier with a screwdriver. Soldiers noticed the terrorist as he was approaching to attack and shot him in the hip, neutralizing him. No one else was injured. The terrorist was moderately injured and received medical treatment at the scene.

A mortar shell landed Wednesday morning in the Northern Golan Heights due to the Syrian civil war after the battles between the Syrian Army and rebel forces resumed along Syria’s border with Israel. No damage or injuries were reported. A few hours later, the IDF responded to the fire and attacked an artillery battery belonging to the Syrian Army.

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