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  • Police on heightened alert following Jerusalem terror attack
  • Israel-Arab MKs questioned over corruption allegations
  • Trump, Clinton face off in second presidential debate

Following Sunday morning's deadly terror attack in Jerusalem, police are on high alert level ahead of Yom Kippur and security forces are continuing to investigate. Four members of the terrorist's family were arrested on Monday, as well as other suspects. The primary concern is that the attack will motivate others to take a similar action. Israeli President Reuven Rivilin visited the grieving family of police officer Yossi Kirma, who was killed in the attack. "You have to be strong," he said to Yossi's father. "No one will get us out of here." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the wounded in the hospital and said they prevented a bigger tragedy.

Meanwhile, security was increased around District Court Judge Hagit Mack Kalmanovich, who approved the postponement of the terrorist's jail sentence. MK Yehuda Glick accused the Judge of having the blood of the victims on her hands. He later toned down his statement and said he did not mean to call for violence against her.

Police questioned under caution Israeli-Arab MKs Haneen Zoabi and Jamal Zahalka over corruption allegations in the Balad party. Demonstrators gathered outside the building and held up signs in their support. MK Zahalka said the police was deliberately trying to harm the political representation of the Israeli-Arab sector.

US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in a second debate on Sunday at the Washington University in St. Louis. Both nominees made harsh accusations at one another; at the center of attention were Clinton's private email scandal and Trump's offensive comments about women. According to a CNN poll, 57% of the debate-watchers said Clinton gave a better performance, though most of them also admitted that Trump exceeded expectations.

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