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Sat, Jul 13, 2013 News from Israel

Exclusive: Before and after satellite photos of attack in Syria

Thousands of pro-Morsi protesters – right here in the Galilee

South Tel Aviv residents speak out against the policy which encourages African migrants to live in their neighborhood

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Channel 2 News on Saturday revealed before and after satellite photos of the pre-dawn July 5 explosions at a key Syrian port in Latakia which allegedly targeted Russian-made anti-ship missiles. CNN is reporting that Israel is responsible for the explosions but Israel has so far refused to comment.

Thousands of Israeli-Arabs affiliated with the Israeli branch of the Islamic Movement held a pro-Morsi demonstration in the Arab town of Kafr Kanna on Saturday. The protesters were led by the movement's leader Raed Salach who called on Morsi to be reinstated as the legal president of Egypt.

A group of South Tel Aviv residents have banned together in an attempt to penetrate municipal government in order to change the policy of African migrants living in their neighborhood. The activists feel that South Tel Aviv has become a pressure cooker and that they're being ignored by the city government. A high placed police official said that in the absence of a clear governmental policy, the police don't want migrants spread out to other areas of the city. Today some 40,0000 migrants live in South Tel Aviv, which is approximately one for every two Israelis.

And finally, a couple of thousand protesters gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening to try to recreate the social protest that took place in the city two years ago. They say that the changes to the State budget will push more families below the poverty line.

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