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  • Report: Israel involved in security incident that is life threatening situation
  • Supreme Court rejects state’s appeal to delay Amona evacuation
  • Palestinian Authority warns Israel over Muezzin law

Israel is involved in a security incident from a few months ago in which human lives were at stake. The rest of the incident's details are still under warrant. The incident was revealed since Israeli Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara posted the incident's details on his Facebook page but because of the sensitivity of the incident the post was quickly removed.

The Israeli Supreme Court rejected on Monday the government’s request to delay the evacuation of Amona by seven months, reapproving the ruling that was issued in December that determined that the outpost was built on Palestinian land. Israeli Supreme Court President Miriam Naor said that it appeared that an agreed upon solution would not be reached in the near future and thus delaying the evacuation would not help the sides reach an agreement. Naor criticized the government for taking its time in coming up with solutions to the Amona issue and highlighted that the residents of the outpost opposed the solutions presented to them. Residents of the Amona settlement, which is slated for evacuation, told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to save their outpost from destruction, or they would act “as a wall” to stop the removal.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that a bill proposal to limit muezzin noise in Jerusalem would drag the area to disaster. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the legislation proposal to ban mosque muezzins from announcing prayer times via loudspeakers in the streets.The proposal will now go to the Knesset for a preliminary reading, following which it will go back to the Knesset's committees to continue the legislative process. Abbas added that the bill threatened to drag the region into a religious war over the violation of the freedom of worship.  The Palestinian Authority is seeking the help of the UN Security Council and other international institutions to stop the passing of the bill.

Civil rights groups, Democrats and some Republicans on Monday denounced President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Stephen K. Bannon to a top White House position, warning that he represents nationalist and racist views that should be rejected by the incoming president. The Jewish communities in the States are worried that Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, the former head of the alt-right publication Breitbart News and the former CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign is also known as a notorious anti-Semite.

Two Arab Israeli cousins were sentenced in a Nazareth court to approximately three years of prison time for supporting the Islamic State terrorist group and planning attacks.During their interrogations, the cousins told investigators they had planned to join the Islamic State group in Syria, but upon hearing the stories of refugees fleeing the area decided to instead return to Israel and carry out attacks in Israel.The court found them guilty of supporting the Islamic State, contact with a foreign agent, conspiracy to commit a terror attack, along with some lesser charges.

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