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  • Israeli tourist killed in a car crash in South Africa
  • Police outraged that daughter of Jerusalem terrorist released
  • Historic Valley train starts its operation for the Sukkot Holiday

A group of Israelis was involved in a car crash during their trip to South Africa. One of the backpackers was killed in a head-on collision and 3 other Israelis who were in the vehicle were injured and hospitalized. The accident was apparently caused by a malfunction in the traffic light system. The Israelis involved in the accident were taken to the hospital. One of them was declared dead a few hours after and the others suffered minor injuries. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry has started the procedures in order to bring the body to Israel.

Iman Abu Sabih, the daughter of terrorist Musabah Abu Sabih who murdered 2 people in Jerusalem last week, was released Sunday from police custody. Iman, 17, was arrested after posting on social media sites calls of support for her father's actions. She also called for others to do as he did. The daughter was arrested after a warrant was issued by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office. For the last few days, she has been under investigation for incitement. The Jerusalem District Police pleaded for the prosecution to file an official declaration against Iman, claiming that her actions led to the disturbances and riots during Yom Kippur. However, the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office claimed that at this point, Iman presents no danger and thus there is no reason to file charges against her. Therefore, the police had to release Iman under restricting conditions: she is banned from Eastern Jerusalem for 2 months, can't use social media or be interviewed .

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated Sunday that he was not trying to influence the upcoming US presidential election and not interested in a war against the US. After weeks of increasing tensions between Moscow and Washington, Putin said: “I’m not looking for a confrontation with the US.” The Russian President also dismissed the allegations about Russia being responsible for the cyber-attacks on the US and called them the White House’s “election campaign rhetoric.” He also expressed hope that after the election, his country’s relationship with the US would improve.

65 years following the day it ceased to operate, the historic Valley Train is coming back and starting from Erev Sukkot, on Sunday, it will join the schedule of Israel Railways and connect between Haifa and the Valley settlements of Yoqneam - Kfar Yehoshua, Migdal HaEmek – Kfar Baruch, Afula and Beit She'an.

The new rail was paved next to the historic railway through strict conservation of landscape and nature.

Upon the launching of the historic Valley Line, the public is invited on Chol HaMoed Sukkot, to travel by train free of charge  to the valley, to enjoy the sights and the colors and to take part in a real celebration, with variety of activities for the whole family.

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