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Sun. Sep 18, 2016 News from Israel

  • PM Netanyahu and President Obama to meet in the US on Wednesday
  • Palestinian eliminated after moderately injuring IDF officer in stabbing attack in the West Bank
  • Israel Police suspects Arab Balad political party of campaign funding fraud

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US president Barack Obama will meet on Wednesday, according to US government officials. The meeting will most likely take place at the hotel where Obama will be staying in New York. Over the past few days, the two leaders have dismissed the criticism regarding the US defense aid package for Israel that was signed last week. Sunday morning during the cabinet meeting , Netanyahu addressed the criticism voiced by many Israeli officials regarding the defense aid package. “I hear all kinds of background noises and misinformation,” Netanyahu said. “We were never offered more- not even a dollar more.”

The terrorist who stabbed an IDF reservist officer early Sunday in Efrat was spotted several hours earlier by the security cameras of the settlement. In the video, a suspicious figure is seen approaching the outskirts of the settlement and then hiding behind some bushes. When the suspicious figure was spotted, the settlement’s security force and an IDF reservist force were alerted. The forces arrived at the scene in order to search the area. During the search, the terrorist attacked an IDF reservist officer. Soldiers who were in the area opened fire on the terrorist and eliminated him. The reservist officer was moderately injured and transported to a hospital in Jerusalem.

The Israel Police revealed that the Balad political party is suspected of committing several crimes related to funds it received for campaigning and activities. The investigation began in light of a State Comptroller report regarding the matter. police took in for questioning more than 20 suspects including senior level officials and activists. Among the suspects who were taken in for questioning are lawyers and accountants. Police forces searched several sites associated with the Arab political party across Israel in search of more evidence. The investigation began after Yehuda Weinstein, the previous attorney general, approved it in accordance to the State Prosecutor’s recommendation and in light of the State Comptroller’s report. The investigation is being conducted by the Israel Police with the assistance of the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority.

5 days after Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres was rushed to Tel HaShomer Hospital after he suffered a stroke, it was reported Sunday that his condition has not worsened. “At the end of the CT scan, his condition remains stable,” said the doctors at the hospital. The doctors also added that that they have started to reduce the dose of anesthetic drugs.

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