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Mon. Sep 19, 2016 News from Israel

  • Stabbing in Jerusalem leaves policewoman in critical condition
  • IDF general testifies in support of Hebron shooter
  • Clashes erupt in Arab village over far-right demonstration

An IDF Border Police officer was wounded on Monday near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, when terrorists pulled out a knife at a security checkpoint. The soldiers responded quickly to the attack, killing one of the assailants and neutralizing the other. Earlier in Jerusalem, a 20-year-old Arab assailant stabbed two police officers near Herod's Gate, leaving one of them in critical condition. Both of them were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, as was the terrorist himself. Surveillance footage shows the terrorist following the two officers then stabbing them in the neck. The policewoman collapses onto the ground while the other officer fires at the assailant and neutralizes him. Following the attack, the Jerusalem police ordered to close down the main street of East Jerusalem. The decision was met with harsh criticism from local business owners.

Former IDF Deputy Chief Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan testified on Monday in the trial of Elor Azaria, the soldier who killed a neutralized Palestinian terrorist in Hebron. Dayan defended the soldier and said terrorists should be killed in any situation.

Clashes broke out in the northern-Israeli Arab village of 'Ara, where about 20 extreme-right wing activists demonstrated near the home of Nashat Milhem, who killed three Israelis in a Tel Aviv terror attack last January. Locals tried to prevent the activists from entering the village, and some of them were arrested. The villagers said the demonstration was a "provocative" move and claimed that its only purpose was to evoke fear and violence.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto will be released from prison on Sunday after a parole board approved his request for early release. The board explained that the Rabbi's bad health condition was the main reason for its decision

Despite an order given last week by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to boycott the United Nations' envoy to the Middle East, Nikolay Mladenov, it seems not everyone in Israel's security establishment was updated on this unusual restriction. IDF general Yoav Mordechai, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, met with Mladenov on Monday at the UN. In their meeting, they discussed ways to promote a healthier economy for Palestinians in the West Bank.

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