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  • Fires rage around Israel
  • German company investigates submarine deal
  • Attempted stabbing at Kalandia crossing

Firefighters continued to battle the raging fire in Zichron Yaakov on Tuesday. Several homes have already gone up in flames. Thirteen people have been treated for smoke inhalation including a 1 week old baby. In the past 24 hours, four fires have been reported. Last night, a fire threatened the residents of Neve Shalom near Latrun but has since been put out. The three hundred residents were evacuated. An estimated 600 dunams of forest were destroyed It is suspected that the cause for the fire was negligence on the part of hikers who lit fires in the area. One of the local residents, Riada said, “We came out of the house -- we thought the roof was on fire. Then we saw that the fire was coming from the nearby forest.” Tuesday morning, a fire in the Hadera Forest was quickly put out by firefighters who arrived at the scene. However, just a few hours later, a fire in Atlit forced about 200 children to evacuate their school.

Following the delayed appointment of Col. Eyal Karim to the post of Chief Rabbi of the IDF by the High Court of Justice, the Chief Sephardi Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, sent a letter on Karim’s behalf. This is to counter the petition filed by  Meretz   regarding past remarks he made against homosexuals and women, and allowing soldiers to refuse orders. The court demanded that Karim file a letter by Wednesday retracting these incendiary statements. Rabbi Yosef sent the letter to the court stating, “The Torah and the Rabbis of Israel have been put on trial and I must give them a voice. This is an attempt to censor the Torah in this dark period of the Jewish people.”

The submarine affair continues to garner attention even outside of Israel. The German News Agency reported that the German conglomerate corporation ThyssenKrupp decided on Tuesday to launch an internal probe due to the conflict of interest allegations against David Shimron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal lawyer who represented the company in the controversial submarine deal. “We are now making the necessary move once we learned about the possible irregularities,” read a statement from ThyssenKrupp. “We will get down to the facts of this incident.”

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court accepted the plea bargain that was reached between the prosecution and Rabbi Eliezer Berland. During the hearing on Tuesday, the rabbi who was convicted of sexual harassment and indecent acts said: “According to the bible, I should be stoned and burned for my sins but today, the rules are different, the punishments have become lighter.” His attorney, Efraim Damari stated, “It is amazing to see the amount of money and efforts used to bring the Rabbi here and in the end, the plea bargain was accepted.”

There was an attempted stabbing at the Kalandia crossing on Tuesday. A terrorist ran towards one of the guards on site with a knife in his hand. The guard shot and killed him.  No soldiers were harmed in the event. It was reported that the terrorist was a Palestinian, age 48, from Nablus.  

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