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  • Culture Minister addresses film awards controversy
  • Salmonella discovered in Unilever cereal, again
  • Court remands suspect in posting sportscaster's intimate photos

Culture Minister Miri Regev addressed the controversy of last night's Israeli film awards ceremony, during which she exited the hall when a poem by the Palestinian national poet, Mahmoud Darwish, was performed on stage. "A group of bully artists allowed themselves to behave in a disgraceful way," Regev said, and added that her ministry would set up a committee to look into the funding criteria in the film industry. During Regev's speech at the ceremony, in which she called the artists "hypocrites," several audience members shouted in protest. When the film Sand Storm, which depicts the life of a Bedouin family, won the Best Picture award, its Arab creators refused to accept it on stage.


Unilever Israel announced on Friday that a lab examination revealed traces of Salmonella in one of its cereal brands. The company said it had notified the Health Ministry of the findings, and stressed that none of the contaminated products reached the supermarket shelves.

A Beersheba court ordered to keep a 26-year-old man in police custody for five days over suspicion that he stole sportscaster Sharon Perry's mobile phone. The suspect allegedly stole the phone while Perry was at the beach. His friends then posted on social media Perry's intimate photos, which were on her device.


And now for this week's headlines –

Saturday Sep 17

For the first time ever, Iron Dome intercepts two rockets in the Golan Heights

Two days of terror: 5 attempted attacks over the weekend

23 Knesset Members and Ministers from the Likud sign on a protest letter calling for Netanyahu to save the disputed outpost of Amona

Sunday Sep 18

PM Netanyahu and President Obama to meet in the US on Wednesday

Palestinian eliminated after moderately injuring IDF officer in stabbing attack in the West Bank

Israel Police suspects Arab Balad political party of campaign funding fraud

Mon Sep 19

Stabbing in Jerusalem leaves policewoman in critical condition

IDF general testifies in support of Hebron shooter

Clashes erupt in Arab village over far-right demonstration

Tue Sep 20

US President Obama delivers final UN speech

Palestinian youth eliminated after attempting to stab soldiers near Hebron

IAF fighter aircraft downs a Hamas drone

Wed Sep 21

Obama and Netanyahu meet in New York for the last time

Knife attacker shot in front of Israeli Embassy in Ankara

Iran threatens Tel Aviv and Haifa during a military parade


Thu Sep 22

In UN speech, Netanyahu invites Abbas to address the Knesset in Jerusalem

Abbas vows to submit UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements

Syrian president Bashar Assad blames US for Syria truce collapse

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