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  • Attorney-General to open police inquiry into Netanyahu's German submarine affair
  • Netanyahu to ask for help from neighboring countries to fight fires raging across Israel
  • Final arguments presented in IDF soldier Elor Azaria's trial

Israel's Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Wednesday evening that he was opening an investigation into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning the use of his personal lawyer in brokering a purchase of German submarines for the Navy. "Following new information that has been received today from the police and in view of other developments in the matter ... the attorney-general has ordered an investigation to be carried out by police concerning various aspects of the affair," the Justice Ministry statement said. Earlier on Wednesday, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman defended the German submarine deal while speaking at the annual Jerusalem Post Conference

Israel woke up Wednesday to another day of fires. Fires raged in different areas of the country including Zikhron Ya'akov, Gilon Misgav Dolev and Nataf.  4 suspects were taken in for questioning regarding the fire in Nataf and police concluded that the fire was caused by workers’ negligence. The strong winds overnight rekindled the flames in Zikhron Ya'akov, calling dozens of firefighter teams back to the scene. Police stated that residents would not be allowed back to their homes until at least Thursday. The fire near Dolev reached the settlement, causing 3 buildings to catch fire. The fire near Nataf in the Judean Mountains started in the morning. The fire spread quickly due to the strong winds, putting the safety of the settlement at risk. evacuation of houses and educational establishments was ordered. After several fires raged throughout Israel, a senior-level security official stated that the worst was yet to come. “We predict that tomorrow will be the roughest day in regards to the weather and the winds,” he said. “It is possible that we don't have enough firefighting aircraft, therefore we are examining the possibility of receiving foreign aid. The Prime Minister is the one who will officially have to decide if we request foreign aid.” Mutual aid agreements with Greece and Croatia as well as Cyrus and Russia were being examined as well as the possibility of bringing additional firefighting aircraft to Israel if necessary.

The concluding part of the trial of IDF soldier Elor Azaria was held on Wednesday. The Prosecution charged Azaria with manslaughter after he shot a neutralized terrorist 8 months ago. After the judges heard all the testimonies and both the prosecution and the defense submitted their conclusions, both sides presented their final arguments. The hearing was opened by IDF prosecutor, saying: "I have found no legal precedent that determined that it is fit to shoot someone in the head without a warning.". The attorneys of the defendant submitted the defense's conclusion, saying: "During the hearings, all of the witnesses spoke about feeling endangered except the company commander, battalion commander and brigade commander, who weren't even present at the scene. It can't be that all witnesses are liars except those three. " in two months the court will present its decision whether Azaria is guilty or innocent.

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