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  • Peres' condition worsens
  • Security heightened in Jerusalem due to terror attack alert
  • Israeli breakthrough detects Autism

Former President Shimon Peres took a turn for the worse on Tuesday.  Two weeks earlier, Peres had suffered a stroke and has been hospitalized since then. It was reported that he is unconscious, his organs were beginning to fail and that his family had been called to his side to say goodbye.  Preparations are being made in the event that he will pass away in the coming days – the Foreign Ministry is preparing for the possible influx of world leaders to pay their last respects.  President Reuven Rivlin offered his support:  I am worried about our ninth president, Shimon Peres. The Israeli people are praying for him." 

A new Pro- Palestinian flotilla headed for Gaza from Sicily, Italy on Tuesday.  They contend that the flotilla is carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza. 13 women are on board from different countries, none of whom have ever been in Gaza or Israel before.  Another 15 women remained on the dock following problems with a second boat that was also supposed to sail to Gaza.

The Police in Jerusalem were beefing up security in the capital on Tuesday following an alert of a possible terror attack. Roadblocks were set up in the north of Jerusalem following a specific warning of a planned attack.  Traffic jams were reported due to the heightened security.


Following the televised debate between the two candidates for President in the US, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on meeting the two of them while on his visit to New York.  “They both spoke about their support for Israel and the importance of relations between our countries. “It doesn’t matter which of them will be elected, US support of Israel will remain strong, our alliance will remain strong and will even get stronger in the coming years.”   


Retired General Shmuel Zacai testified on behalf of Elor Azariah, the soldier accused of shooting a Palestinian terrorist after being neutralized.  “Azariah shot because he felt threatened,” said Zacai. He clarified that he doesn’t support shooting without just cause. Zacai watched the film of the incident numerous times and stated that the commander of the unit could have prevented the shooting if he had given the proper order for not shooting on the scene. “After hearing testimonies and viewing the films, I believe that the soldier acted within the correct protocol for the threatening situation. It is wrong to accuse him of manslaughter.

Azariah's father, Charlie is still being treated in the hospital following a stroke he suffered two months ago.  "I am trying to recover. I feel I am in a battle for myself and for my son."  Charlie, despite his health problems, arrives to each hearing. Regarding the controversial phone call with the Prime Minister, he said, "I thank the Prime Minister. He did nothing wrong."  Various patients and visitors in the hospital stopped to express support for Elor.  "I hope they will stop this circus once and for all," said Charlie.

There has been a considerable breakthrough in Israeli research regarding in utero diagnosis of autism. The researchers contend that within 5 years, it may be possible to diagnose autism during pregnancy with a simple blood test. Mapping additional genes may lead to medicine which could prevent autism.

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