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  • Court hands 2 life sentences to terrorist who killed 2 Israelis in Tel Aviv
  • 6 minors arrested for suspected arson
  • Rabbis call on public to oppose Amona evacuation

A Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis in a Tel Aviv stabbing attack last year was given two consecutive life sentences. The judges also ruled that the terrorist, Raed Khalil, cannot be granted parole until serving at least 40 years out of each life sentence and cannot be released under a prisoners swap deal. Earlier, the Lod District court sentenced Tamer Ureidat to 16 years in prison for attempted murder. Ureidat stabbed and injured a 25-year-old Israeli man outside a mall in Petah Tikva.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says in response to the shooting incident yesterday in the southern Golan Heights that Israel will not tolerate any fire from Syria. In a Likud faction meeting on Monday, Netanyahu said, "We're responding forcefully to any spillover fire, sometimes even attacking our enemies before they can attack us." Following the shooting into Israel, the IAF attacked an ISIS terror facility in Syria overnight.

The Supreme Court has cancelled the petition against the appointment of Rabbi Eyal Krim as the IDF Chief Rabbi. The decision was made after the three Meretz MKs who filed the petition chose to withdraw it. Rabbi Krim has recently issued a statement renouncing highly controversial comments he made about a decade ago regarding gay people and women. His swearing-in ceremony is expected to take place this coming Thursday.

Six minors suspected of starting a fire at a forest near Ahihud in northern Israel were remanded in custody for three days. So far, 23 have been arrested for suspected acts of arson, 7 of whom were released.

Harsh accusations against former Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov; according to one of his closest confidants, who turned state's evidence, the former minister used to send him to purchase cocaine in nightclubs during formal trips abroad. Misezhnikov was indicted two months ago for possession and usage of a dangerous drug, as well as other allegations including corruption, bribery and obstruction of justice.

Ahead of the planned evacuation of the Amona illegal outpost in the West Bank, about 120 senior rabbis in the religious Zionist movement are calling on the Israeli public to come to Amona and oppose the move. Meanwhile, police held drills in order to prepare for the evacuation, which they suspect could turn violent.

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