Arab and Jewish students live in separate housing at the Technion

They study together, but they live separately. Students at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology share classes and lecture halls with students from many different religions and backgrounds. But, in the dorms the students can request to have only a Jewish roommate if they’d like. “We’re trying to avoid unnecessary friction,” claims those responsible. The Student Union’s former chairman explains, “It’s natural to want a familiar cultural atmosphere.” But, is it legal?
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Students at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology spend their days with students from a variety of different nationalities and religions. But, at the end of the day, they return to a much more homogeneous atmosphere. “There is complete separation between Jews and Arabs in order to avoid unnecessary friction,” explains one of the dorm staff. She adds that the chances of an Arab and a Jew living together is close to zero.”

On the dorm application, students can check off to live ‘only with Jews’. “It’s natural for a student who studies all day at the Technion, with people of all different nationalities and backgrounds, to want to come home to a familiar cultural atmosphere. We have to allow them that: that is how you create an optimal learning environment,” said the Student Union’s former chairman.

The Technion responded saying, “The Technion rejects any and all claims of discrimination or deliberate separation of students based on religious, national, racial, or sexual affiliations. We are proud that our population of students and professors accurately reflects the face of Israel’s population, with all its varieties.”

“All students living in the dorms have the option to choose who they would like to share a room with. We do this to be sensitive towards needs students of different backgrounds may have and after several decades of experience. Some of the students choose to live with students of a similar background, while some choose to integrate with students of different backgrounds. Students in both living situations receive equal treatment and the same conditions, and any other claim about the matter is false.”

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