Hebrew University postpones beginning of academic year due to budget dispute

In the past few months, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israeli Finance Ministry representatives have been negotiating in order to resolve a budget dispute. In light of the ongoing negotiations, the university announced today that it has delayed the beginning of the academic year by two weeks.
Illustration Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The management of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced today (Sunday) that the beginning of upcoming academic year will be delayed due to the budget dispute with the Israeli Finance Ministry. At the moment, the beginning of the academic year has only been postponed by two weeks.

According to the management, the decision to postpone the beginning of the academic year was received in light of the ongoing negotiations. “At the moment, it would be irresponsible to begin the academic year without knowing what the full budget for the year will be and without a solution to the root problem related to the budget,” announced the university in a statement.

“We apologize in advance for the blow to the students, employees and teaching staff and hope that within the short period of time remaining until the beginning of the new year and the two extra weeks that we designated to the negotiations, the proper solutions that will allow us to begin the year as planned will be found,” continued the statement.

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