Great Zionism Survey reveals: 75% of Sephardi Jews in Israel suffered from prejudice

The Great Zionism Survey has revealed that 81% of Israelis believe that Zionism did not fulfill its role with the establishment of the State of Israel. Which sector is perceived as the most threatening? Where would they have wanted the Jewish state to be established if not in Israel? And how much does polarization in Israeli society threaten the state's existence? Read on for a glimpse into Israeli society today.
Prejudice against Sephardi Jews? Ben Gurion | Archive Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to the Great Zionism Survey, commissioned for the Lo Bashamayim Festival at Tel Hai College in the Upper Galilee, three out of every four Israelis believe that the forefathers of Zionism were prejudiced against Sephardi Jews. 61% of respondents believe that the ideal Zionist is one who chooses to immigrate to Israel. 81.9% believe that Zionism did not end with the establishment of the state of Israel.

The poll conducted by IPSOS surveyed 509 people aged 18 and over. According to the survey, 45% of Israelis self identify first and foremost as Jews, 31.2% as Israeli and 17.1% as 'human'. About a third of the respondents, most of them men, feel that if Israel had to have been established elsewhere, America would have been their preferred destination. Most women who responded would have chosen Europe.

47% are worried about an Arab majority Photo Credit: Gershon Allenson, Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

The survey also addresses inter-communal relations in Israel: 41% of respondents think that the contribution of the Sephardi Jews to the Zionist infrastructure in Israel is identical to that of Jews of European descent. Half of the respondents think that Sephardi Jews have contributed the most to the labor force in Israel than to any other field. That being said, the large majority of participants (75.8%) thinks that the founding fathers of Zionism were prejudiced against Sephardi Jews.

62.3% of respondents believe that Haredim are more hostile to Zionism today than in the past. And the group that most threatens the continued existence of the State of Israel as a Zionist state? 36.9% think that Arab society poses the largest threat, 23.8% point to the ultra-Orthodox, and 23.2% think that leftists pose the biggest threat to the Zionist state.

When asked what constitutes the greatest danger to the continuation of the Zionist enterprise, 55% blame the alienation and hatred among groups in Israeli society. 45% of respondents fear Israel becoming a non-Jewish state and believe that corrupt political leaders significantly endanger the Zionist state.

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