Israeli researchers: “We believe we have found a treatment for Alzheimer’s”

Researchers from Tel Aviv University claim that they have successfully treated the defective gene responsible for Alzheimer’s within 60% of the disease patients. After their research on mice proved effective, the researchers now hope that within the next few years they will be able to produce an efficient treatment for the disease.
Has a medicine finally been found? Photo Credit: 123RF, angellodeco

Researchers from Tel Aviv University are claiming that they have found an innovative treatment approach for Alzheimer’s. The scientists’ research was published in an academic journal last month. In addition, they hope that they will be able to treat the genetic defect responsible for 60% of Alzheimer’s cases by utilizing a technique that has been successful thus far on mice.

The research was conducted by Professor Danny Michaelson of Tel Aviv University in cooperation with Dr. Anat Bam-Kagan and an American company called Artery. “For twenty years, scientists from around the world have been trying to find an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s, which is the leading cause of geriatric dementia, but have been unsuccessful,” said Professor Michaelson. “Between 2002 and 2012, 413 clinical trials were conducted throughout the world that examined 244 different materials and all of them failed.”

In recent years, researchers began to take a different research approach to Alzheimer’s according to which one cannot search for a single magical medicine as there are several types of Alzheimer’s. This change led the Tel Aviv University scientists to research the ApoE4 gene, which exists within 60% of Alzheimer’s patients.

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