Israeli Supreme Court to allow Knesset to complete LGBT surrogacy legislation

In the wake of the Pride Parade today in Jerusalem and the same-sex adoption storm, retiring Israeli Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran reads the decision on the petition which requested that the government permit same-sex couples and single parents to undergo the surrogacy process in Israel.
Will same-sex parents be allowed to undergo the surrogacy process? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The last ruling by retiring Israeli Supreme Court Deputy Chief Justice Salim Joubran concerns an emotionally charged issue: Surrogacy for LGBT couples. This morning (Thursday), on the day of his retirement, Joubran read the decision on the petition that was submitted two years ago by the Proud Fathers non-profit organization and a number of other organizations, who requested that Israeli be required to permit same-sex couples and single parents to undergo the surrogacy process. Due to the bill submitted to the Knesset regarding the matter, the Supreme Court judges decided to postpone the ruling for six months.

The law today states that only a couple consisting of a man and a woman are permitted to conduct the surrogacy process within Israel. In other words, the law leaves same-sex couples and single parents out of the picture. A committee appointed by the Israeli Health Ministry in the past advocated to allow single male parents to undergo the process, but the suggestion was not received. A bill concerning the issue was passed in the last Knesset upon its preliminary reading, but it did not advance due to the Knesset dissolution.

10,000 participants are expected to attend the Pride Parade today in Jerusalem, which is taking place within the context of the connection between religion and the LGBT community. Two years after Shira Banki was murdered during Jerusalem’s Pride Parade, during today’s parade and in the wake of the recent security issues at the Temple Mount, the Israel Police is not taking any chances and has come prepared with large forces. About 1,000 overt and covert police officers will be deployed along the parade’s route in several security circuits including detecting suspicious persons, undercover detectives, cameras and aerial technology.

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