Israel’s population grew over the last Jewish year

In honor of the Jewish New Year, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released new data that indicates that the Israeli population has grown over the past year. Israel’s population currently stands at about 8.5 million.
Photo Credit: 123RF, pixxelpark/Channel 2 News

As the Jewish New Year approaches, the CBS released new figures that indicate that the population in Israel grew over the past year. According to the data, during the 5776 Jewish year, about 189,000 babies were born in Israel and about 46,000 people died.

The data showed that Israel’s current population stands at about 8.585 million. At the end of 2015, Israel’s population stood at 8.463 million. Jewish people made up 74.8% of the population while Arabs made up 20.8%.

That data released by CBS today also indicates that young Jewish Israelis are waiting longer to get married, which means that more young Israelis between the ages 25 and 29 are single.

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