OECD Israel report: 2nd in child poverty percentage, 4th among elderly

The National Insurance Institute of Israel conducted its annual review in which it compared poverty among developed countries segmenting the different age groups. The report reveals that Israel has the highest poverty level among children and the elderly ranking eight places or more above the OECD average.
Photo Credit: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash 90

Last week, the National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII) published its annual review regarding Israel’s socio-economic situation. The report discovered that Israel has the highest child poverty level among developed nations.  

As part of the review, the NII compared poverty between developed countries while segmenting the different age groups. The data revealed that Israel ranked second in child poverty and that 25% of children through the age of 17 are living in poverty, which places Israel in between Mexico and Turkey. This is eight places above OECD countries’ average ranks, which stands at 12.9%.

In regards to the 25 to 50-year-old age group’s poverty level in the country, Israel ranked second in between Mexico and Greece. This group’s ranking has Israel placed 11 spots above the OECD average.

Israel is also ranked highest in poverty among the elderly. Among the 66-year-old and older group, Israel ranked in fourth place in regards to the percentage of impoverished senior citizens living in the country (21.7%).

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