East Jerusalem school allows student to dress up as eliminated terrorist for competition

The students at an elementary school in East Jerusalem were allowed to create artistic dance routines that illustrate a specific message for a competition. One of the students decided to dress up as a terrorist who was eliminated by Israeli security forces. The Jerusalem Municipality explained that it cannot intervene in the school’s activities because it is a private school.

The performance at Al-Quds University

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Fifth-grade students at a school in East Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukaber neighborhood were asked to create their own routines for an artistic dance competition, which was held at Al-Quds University. The children were instructed to create routines surrounding a specific message that they would like to pass on. One of the students decided to dress up as a masked terrorist who had been eliminated by Israeli security forces.

The student proclaimed: “I’ve chosen the way of the nation.” The Jabel Mukaber school has already been warned about encouraging violence by the Jerusalem District Police after Muhammad Alyan, the father of the terrorist, was invited to speak to the students.

“A year ago already, we revealed that the students at this school met with the parents of a terrorist who murdered three Israelis but the incitement to terrorism continues without any objections,” explained Maor Zemach, who heads the Lach Yerushalayim (To Thee Jerusalem) organization, which aims to apply Israeli sovereignty in all parts of Israel’s capital city.

The Jerusalem Municipality stated in response that the school is private and that it is not under the authority of the municipality or the Israeli Education Ministry. The Israeli Education Ministry stated in response: “The information will be reviewed and someone who opposes the state will not be part of the education system.”

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