Violent brawl at Bedouin school recorded

Students at a school in the Bedouin town of Ar'ara BaNegev began a violent mass brawl in the middle of the day. A teacher who tried to separate the students was injured. The initial inquiry indicates that the fight started because of family feud.
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A family feud in Ar'ara BaNegev, a Bedouin town in Southern Israel, was apparently the reason behind a mass brawl at a local school. A teacher who tried to separate the students was attacked and injured.

The initial inquiry indicates that an old family feud was the source of the conflict. Moments after the video was posted on social media sites, the police were called to the scene and started to investigate.

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"I am embarrassed as a resident each time a family feud reaches the school's boundaries. Instead of studying and receiving a good education, they learn the hate and crime from our streets," said a parent whose son is seen in the video.

The feud between the families escalated two months ago when a violent fight between the families, which included automatic gun-fire, occurred on the streets of Ar'ara BaNegev.

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