Watch: Aerial footage of acid leak threatening life in Judean Desert

A huge stream of acidic water has been flowing in the Judean Desert since yesterday following a leak at a Rotem Amfert plant. Inspectors with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority are collecting samples to estimate the extent of the damage and the nature reserve has been closed down.

Watch: Aerial footage shows the damage along the contaminated Nahal Ashalim river

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The Israel Police has closed off a nature reserve in the Judean Desert a day after a large acid leak at a Rotem Amfert plant released more than 100,000 cubic meters of polluted water into the Nahal Ashalim river. Inspectors with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority are working in coordination with the Ministry of Environmental Protection to map out the extent of the damage done to the river and its surroundings.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is already taking steps against the Rotem Amfert plant, who it claims was single handedly responsible for the ecological disaster. According to investigators, the barriers surrounding the pool were supposed to be built to withstand an earthquake. A hearing will be held in the coming days before official criminal proceedings commence.

The contaminated pool at the Rotem Amfert plant Photo Credit: Micha Ben Gigi, Arad Public Relations/ Channel 2 News

Environmental teams are reportedly combing the area along the seasonal river, about 12.5 miles wide, and taking samples from the numerous pools of contaminated water that have appeared. Researchers have also noted large amounts of foam and sludge that have formed along the opening of the waterway.

According to the most recent findings, the current of the polluted stream is extremely powerful- much stronger than the current of an average flood- and water levels reached a height of up to 13 feet in some areas. Inspectors are working non-stop to distance animals from the vicinity, as well as to keep hikers away from the contaminated zone.

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