Israel expected to determine CBD isn’t dangerous and legalize cannabis cosmetics

The Israeli Health Ministry is expected to determine that CBD, marijuana’s active ingredient, is not dangerous. If the recommendation is approved, Israel will join countries such as Canada and many European nations in manufacturing and selling lotions, oils and even bottled water containing cannabis.
Will inserting cannabis into cosmetics be approved in Israel? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Health Ministry is soon expected to recommend that one of marijuana’s active ingredients, CBD, be removed from the country’s list of dangerous drugs, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported yesterday (Wednesday) evening. In contrast to marijuana’s second active ingredient called THC, CBD is not a psychoactive substance or in other words, it does not create a high.

So, what does CBD actually do? It is effective in lowering anxiety, treating pain, nausea, children who suffer from epilepsy and several studies indicate that it may also help treat cancerous tumors.

CBD is currently legal in all European Union countries (except Slovakia), Canada and some states within the US, where there are already CBD-based cannabis products such as lotions, oils, creams, capsules and even bottled water.

CBD will no longer be considered a dangerous drug Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

If the recommendation is approved, Israel will join the aforementioned nations in legalizing the manufacturing of CBD-based supplements. Currently, only retailers possessing full medical marijuana licenses are allowed to sell CBD products within Israel and even then, there are restrictions which permit manufacturing and selling of only the flowers, oils and capsules solely to license holders. Additional products such as creams, lotions and cosmetics are also banned to medical marijuana license holders.

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