Photographer Spencer Tunick sneaks into Dead Sea beach

The famous photographer came to Israel to raise awareness of the poor condition of the Dead Sea.
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And quietly indeed, the photographer Spencer Tunick and his 15 nude models snuck into a beach at the Dead Sea.  Five years ago, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism invited Tunick to Israel, in order to help save the Dead Sea. A thousand Israelis volunteered for the project.

This time Tunick snuck into the same Mineral Beach which had since been closed because of sink holes.  Tunick claims that the Tourism Ministry is not happy about his efforts to save the Dead Sea. Tunick’s social awareness is not limited to the environment.

Two months ago, he took one of his famous nude photos outside the Republican Party Convention as a protest against Donald Trump. An exhibition of Tunick’s works will open in a gallery in Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood in the hopes that he will help the Dead Sea from disappearing.  

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