Watch from a birds-eye view: Golan Heights painted white with snow

The rising temperatures over the past few days may have caused us to forget the strong winter system from earlier in the week. Breathtaking footage from a drone in the Northern Golan Heights provides an especially beautiful reminder of the large amount of snowfall there. The unstable weather will continue on into the weekend with localized rain in Northern Israel.
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Today (Thursday) in Israel, temperatures will rise, the weather will be pleasant and there will be partly cloudy to clear skies. But the nice weather will become wintrier tomorrow, when temperatures will fall and local rain will fall in Northern Israel. On Saturday, temperatures are expected to rise again, but will be accompanied by dust and dryness. However, it is expected to drizzle a bit.

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to drop and it will be chilly. On Monday, the temperatures will once again rise.

For anyone who has forgotten, the winter system was especially strong a few days ago and the snow that fell in Northern Israel accumulated into an impressive white blanket that colored the Golan Heights. In the footage taken there two days ago displayed in the above video, the Ein Zivan apple orchards are seen covered in snow. But as a result of the rising temperatures, most of it already melted. Anyone who goes there to visit will see individual snow clusters at high elevations.  

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