The storm is here: Heavy rainfall in Central and Northern Israel

Israel’s first large winter system arrived early this morning. Heavy rain fell in Central and Northern Israel while snow flurries began falling on Mt. Hermon. Local councils throughout Israel are preparing for flooding and the Israel Agriculture Ministry released warnings ahead of flooding in farming areas.
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The winter system that landed in Israel today (Thursday) brought along heavy rains from Northern Israel all the way to the Negev Desert. The Sea of Galilee’s water level was raised by 1.5 cm and it snowed on Mt. Hermon. The Israel Agriculture Ministry released a two-day flood warning for the Sharon Region and the Western Galilee.

Northern farmers are hoping for large amounts of rain expected to fall tonight and tomorrow morning. Despite the heavy rainfall, no river flow has been documented as a result of the drought that has taken Northern Israel for the past three years.

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A rainbow in Northern Israel Photo Credit: Dan Saydeh/Channel 2 News

Amount of rainfall throughout different parts of Israel today: Ein HaShofet: 55 mm; Safed: 45 mm; Haifa: 35 mm; Hermon: 40 mm; Tiberias: 12 mm; Tel Aviv: 9 mm; Zichron Ya’akov: 40 mm.

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