Incredible footage: Thousands of cranes migrate through Israel for winter

More than 5,000 tourists went to visit Israel’s Agamon Hula since this morning in order to see a magnificent sight. About 40,000 black cranes painted the sky black in the Hula Valley.
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Since early this morning (Saturday), more than 5,000 Israelis and tourists went to visit Israel’s Agamon Hula Ornithology and Nature Park in order to see a most magnificent sight. Agamon Hula is situated in Israel’s Hula Valley surrounded by mountains and sits right on the center of the Afro-Syrian Rift, which is one of the world’s most important bird migration routes.

As a result of Agamon Hula’s location, birds migrating from Europe to Africa for the winter stop off there. The reason so many visitors attended the nature park today was to witness more than 40,000 black cranes paint the Hula Valley skies black upon their migration from Europe to Africa for the oncoming winter.

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