11 arrested for involvement in Arson Intifada

The Police arrested in the Haifa area 11 suspects who are believed to be involved in the arson attacks that have been occurring throughout Israel. 3 of the suspects are Palestinians arrested in Haifa for their involvement in the many arson attacks there.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After Israel’s Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan stated that the Security Forces will get to each suspect involved in the wave of arson attacks and also the incitement within social media, the Police arrested a suspect in Rahat for incitement after he stated on his Facebook page “take care of the Zionists” by igniting fires. There is now a discussion to extend his detention in the Beersheba Court.

The Police arrested 11 other suspects for involvement in arson attacks across Israel. 3 of them are believed to have been involved in the numerous arson attacks in Haifa. 3 of the suspects arrested in Haifa are illegal Palestinian residents. 3 of the other suspects are from the Galilee and in Atlit, another suspect was caught with a Molotov cocktail and other materials for causing fires.

Near Beit Meir, a Police plane identified 3 suspects and arrested 2 of them. It is said that the offenders had a history of engaging in property related crimes. They were brought in to be investigated by the Jerusalem Police unit dealing with minorities for their believed involvement in the Arson Intifada. Another suspect was arrested for causing a fire along Route 60 near Binyamin.

At the same time, the Firefighting Forces announced that after investigating the area, they have concluded that the fires in Zikhron Ya’akov the day before yesterday were caused by arsonists. The Police Spokesman stated that “we will continue to follow the instructions of the Police Commissioner to establish a team that will lead on the issue of the investigations regarding the arson suspects who ignited fires across Israel.  We will update about this for at this moment the Israel Police is investigating 12 suspects who are involved in arson and incitement to arson.” 

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