3,000 police preparing for the evacuation of Amona after 120 rabbis call for protests

120 senior-level rabbis from the Religious Zionism denomination wrote an open letter that objects the evacuation of Amona. At the same time, the Israel Police started training its officers for the evacuation next month. 3,000 police officers will take part in the operation along with the IDF.
The evacuation of Amona in 2006 Photo Credit: Pierre Terdjman\Flash 90

The Israel Police and Border Police have begun training their officers for the evacuation of Amona next month. The training includes different kinds of scenarios including one where the residents try to aggressively resist the evacuation.

3,000 Israel Police and Border Police officers will participate in the operation to evacuate the outpost. The IDF will secure the outskirts of the outpost. The police are also getting ready for the possibility of mass arrests. However, the police are being trained to reason with the settlers in order to avoid violence.

Amona Photo Credit: Noam Moscovitz\Flash 90

Meanwhile, Channel 2 News released reported today (Monday) that 120 Religious Zionism rabbis called for the public to come to Amona and resist the evacuation.

“We call on whoever who can come now to come and stay here,” read the rabbis’ letter. “If God forbid the evacuation day comes, we call on the entire public to continue to stay and protest passively and without violence against the destruction of the town.”

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