Petah Tikva: 13-year-old boy dead after drowning in pool

Magen David Adom emergency medical personnel attempted to resuscitate a 13-year-old boy who was found unconscious at the bottom of a pool in Petah Tikva, today (Friday). After great efforts by MDA and Schneider Children's Hospital, the boy was pronounced dead. The circumstances of the drowning are under investigation.
Photo Credit: MDA/Channel 2 News

A 13-year-old boy drowned to death on Friday at a pool in Petah Tikva. The boy, unconscious, was pulled out of the water and evacuated to Schneider Children's Hospital. Despite resuscitation attempts, the doctors declared death. The circumstances surrounding his drowning are under investigation.

At 4:05 PM, Magen David Adom (MDA) was notified of a drowned and unconscious boy.  MDA medics and paramedics that arrived on scene administered emergency medical treatment and evacuated him to Schneider Children's Hospital.

MDA medic Mattan Kliper and MDA paramedic Alex Abramovich, said: "When we arrived, we saw a 13-year-old boy lying unconscious at the pool’s edge, with no pulse and not breathing. People at the scene said they pulled him from the bottom of the pool and began performing basic CPR. We administered advanced life support medical care, performed advanced CPR and evacuated him quickly to the hospital as his condition was critical."

“Unfortunately, despite the doctors' prolonged efforts to resuscitate the boy who was brought to the hospital following a drowning, he was pronounced dead," Schneider Hospital said in a statement.

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