17-year-old boy planned to dismember body of female classmate

A boy from the Sharon region planned to buy an ax, harm one of his female classmates whom he loathes and then dismember her body. The suspect was arrested before he was able to obtain the ax he planned to use.
Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication today (Thursday) that a 17-year-old boy planned to murder one of his female classmates and then dismember her body. The Israel Police stated that the investigation began a few days ago at one of the police stations in the Sharon region.

The investigation began after the suspect along with a few of his classmates and a teacher arrived at a hardware store in order to purchase some tools for a class project. The suspect asked his teacher to buy an ax for him and even brought the ax to the counter in order to show her. However, the teacher refused.

A day later, the suspect returned to the store in order to buy the ax but the employees refused to sell it to him.

According to the Israel Police, the suspect wanted to buy the ax in order to murder one of his female classmates and then dismember her body. According to the suspect, he planned to harm the girl because he “loathes her.”

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