2 armed Palestinians arrested by IDF along Gaza border

The IDF seized two Palestinians who were carrying a knife and a grenade and trying to cross the Israeli-Gazan border. The two were taken into custody and will be interrogated.
The Gaza border Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Early this morning (Tuesday), an IDF force detected two suspects who were trying to cross the border in the southern Gaza Strip and infiltrate Israel. The suspects were carrying a knife and a grenade. They were arrested near the border and taken in for questioning.

This incident comes after Friday’s clashes between Palestinians and IDF forces along the Gaza-Israel border. The IDF accused Hamas of “making use of civilians, youth and children to cover up and carry out terror operations designed to sabotage security infrastructure.” The protests introduced new practices for sabotaging the Israeli security infrastructure along the border. One of them uses incendiary kites carrying Molotov cocktails to start fires adjacent to the border.

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