Suspects arrested for smuggling Georgian citizens into Israel, bribery

Several months after Israel’s Channel 2 News revealed that Georgian citizens were being smuggled into the country, two suspects were arrested in the affair. According to suspicions, the suspects received 1,000 dollars per person.
Arrested for smuggling Georgian citizens into Israel Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Several months after Israel’s Channel 2 News exposed serious security failures at Ben Gurion Airport, which were exploited to smuggle dozens of Georgian citizens into Israel, the Israel Police arrested yesterday (Thursday) two suspects in the affair following an undercover investigation.

One of the suspects is a 45-year-old government employee and the other is a 28-year-old on-the-ground attendant. The two are suspected of instructing the Georgians to arrive dressed in clothes that look similar to those worn by border control operators, who have unlimited access at the airport and can thus bypass border control.

According to suspicions, every person smuggled into Israel paid the suspects 1,000 dollars. Both suspects are suspected of bribery and violating the Entry into Israel Law. The government employee is also suspected of fraud and breach of trust. Today, they will be brought to court for a remand hearing.

The investigation was launched in June after immigration inspectors arrested dozens of Georgian citizens without an entry stamp in their passports.

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