Peres was admitted to hospital 4 times in past 9 months for heart related issues

The past 9 months for Shimon Peres have been filled with several medical incidents. Since the beginning of 2016, he was hospitalized 4 times for heart related issues, which apparently led to the serious stroke he suffered yesterday.
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When Shimon Peres was the President of Israel, he would regularly undergo numerous medical examinations and highlight how pleased his doctors are in regards to his health. One of his doctors even said once: “You can enlist into the Paratroopers Brigade at the age of 90.” Even after he finished his term as Israel’s 9th President in 2014, Peres continued to monitor his health constantly but in the past year, he had some medical episodes due to abnormal heart rhythm.

In December 2015, rumors claiming that Peres had passed away quickly spread on social media sites despite the fact that his health situation was well especially given his advanced age. Peres made sure that he cleared up these rumors within a few hours. Peres’ office issued a statement: “He is healthy and well. The only thing on his mind right now is dinner.”

Shimon Peres Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

About a month later, on January 14, 2016, Peres was rushed to Tel HaShomer Hospital after he experienced chest pain. During his hospitalization, it was discovered that he suffered a mild heart attack. Thus, he underwent a heart catheterization.

5 days later, he was released from the hospital. Upon his release, Peres said: “I’m happy to return to work. I was moved by the wishes of good health and phone calls I received from across the country.”

Peres leaving the hospital in January Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

However, on January 24th, Peres felt ill again and was rushed to Tel HaShomer Hospital. After being under the doctors’ supervision for two days, Peres was released.

Shortly thereafter, the former president returned to his regular work schedule that includes trips abroad, speeches and commenting from time to time on the latest developments in Israeli politics. Meanwhile, Peres’ doctors continued to closely monitor the former prime minister’s health status.

Another incident occurred just a week and a half ago. On September 5th, just after he returned from a conference in Italy, Peres’ doctors recommended that he undergo surgery in order to receive an artificial pacemaker. As JOL reported at the time, Peres’ doctors recommended an artificial pacemaker in order to prevent future incidents of abnormal heart rhythm and help the former president perform his full daily activities.

Ever since the news about Peres being admitted to the hospital last night made headlines, thousands of Israelis have been leaving messages on the former president’s Facebook page. One user wrote: “Get well soon, beloved man. You will read our messages and your heart will fill up with pride. The Israeli people love you and we are praying for you. You will recover, become stronger and continue to spread the light like only you know how. Get better soon.”

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