Infiltration from Gaza: Terrorists armed with grenades, knives arrested near IDF base

Three Palestinian terrorists from Gaza who were apprehended by the IDF near a military base in southern Israel on Tuesday are currently being questioned by Israel Police. The terrorists entered Israeli territory carrying grenades and knives.
The terrorists apprehended on Tuesday Photo Credit: Shmuel Hess/TPS

IDF troops arrested three Palestinians from Gaza who entered Israeli territory on Tuesday morning carrying grenades and knives. The terrorists were apprehended near an IDF base after a two-hour operation along the Gaza border while neighboring Israeli towns were on high alert.

The Palestinians were handed over to the Israel Police for questioning and bomb disposal forces neutralized the grenades. According to the IDF’s preliminary investigation, the security forces were alerted to suspicious activity along the Gaza border fence near the point where the terrorists crossed the border. Upon reaching the scene during the night, the troops did not find anything out of the ordinary and subsequently left. Around dawn, the IDF was alerted to the area again, which is when the forces found footprints near the fence.

Police bomb disposal at the scene Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis said in a statement that the incident “should not have happened,” as the potential for a terror attack was “severe.” The Israel Police said that it “continues to operate on high alert and requests that the public report any suspicious incident to the police hotline.”

Weapons seized by the Israel Police Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

The incident comes amid rising tensions in southern Israel ahead of a mass protest planned for Friday, when Palestinian mark the annual “Land Day” commemoration. As previously reported by JOL, Israeli fighter jets on Saturday attacked a Hamas target in Rafah after four Palestinian terrorists entered Israel and attempted to destroy an IDF vehicle. The IDF spokesperson said in a statement that the military “views with great severity” all attempts to harm Israel’s defense system and the security fence.

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