2 minors among those arrested for burning Israeli flag during Lag B’Omer bonfire

Police in Jerusalem have arrested a 21-year-old male for throwing an Israeli flag into a bonfire during Lag B’Omer in the city’s Mea Shearim neighborhood. Two minors were also arrested.
Photo Credit: Haim Goldberg/Channel 2 News

Police have arrested several young men suspected of burning Israeli flags during a Lag B’Omer celebration in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the investigations into the bonfires where dolls dressed up as IDF soldiers were burned continue.  

Among the suspects are a 21-year-old man and two minors, ages 11 and 15. The police stated that this is only the beginning of the arrests and that the investigations are still ongoing: “The Israel Police will continue its persistent work until all of those involved are identified and brought to justice.”

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