3 young Israelis seriously injured when car crashed into concrete beams

A car that was traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv today crashed into concrete beams that were on the side of Highway 1. The three Israelis who were in the car were badly injured.
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3 young Israelis were critically injured this afternoon (Saturday) after the car in which they were traveling crashed into concrete beams that were on the side of Highway 1 between the Hemed Interchange and the Har’el Interchange. It is still unclear why the car crashed into the beams.

The car was traveling towards Tel Aviv from Jerusalem when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle. Firefighters were called to the scene in order to rescue one of the passengers who was trapped in the car. “When we arrived, the front of the car was burning and there was a person whose condition was unclear trapped inside,” said the head of the local fire department. “We started to rescue the trapped person while preventing the fire from spreading.”

Magen David Adom teams transported the wounded to a hospital in Jerusalem.

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