3 mortar shells fired from Gaza, no injuries or damage reported

Three mortar shells were fired from Gaza on Wednesday. There were no casualties or property damage. Reports of a fourth mortar shell have not been confirmed by the IDF.
A rocket being launched from Gaza Photo credit: Yossi Aloni, Flash 90

Three mortar shells were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, all landing in open areas and causing no injuries or property damage. At about 8:50 p.m., residents of southern Israel reported hearing a fourth mortar shell, though this has not been confirmed by the IDF.

The first two launches were not followed by a red alert siren because the monitoring system was able to predict that the mortar shells would fall in isolated areas.

Gadi Yarkoni, the head of the Eshkol Regional Council, said rocket and mortar shell fire from Gaza has recently become a routine. "Unfortunately, we expected the possibility of fire in light of the discovery of the new tunnel ... and Trump's (Jerusalem) announcement," he said.

"We will not accept it as a normal occurrence and we trust the army and the government to act responsibly and in a way that would restore Israel's deterrence while avoiding an unnecessary escalation of the situation," he added.

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