4 dead and several injured in bus-truck crash

4 dead and at least 30 injured in crash between a bus and a truck on number 6 motorway towards the south of Israel. The bus overturned on impact.

The crashed bus Photography: Channel 2 News

A deadly accident in the south: 4 dead and at least 30 injured in a collision between garbage truck and a commercial bus this afternoon (Sunday). Air Force helicopters were called to the scene to aid with the evacuation of those injured.

Aid and rescue forces called to the scene of the crash were delayed on route. Magen David Adom CEO Eli Been said that “it was a terrible fault and we must learn from the discovered shortcomings”. Two of the wounded who were badly injured were airlifted to Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv, while the rest were taken to southern hospitals.

“The tens wounded are receiving treatment and being evacuated to hospitals” said MDA spokesman Zachai Heller. “Efforts are being made to rescue people who are trapped inside the bus and an Air Force and an MDA helicopter arrived to airlift wounded if necessary”.    

Evacuating the wounded, today. Photography: Rescue Union spokesmanship

The motorway was closed off in areas surrounding the crash; firefighters arriving to help with the rescue also found it hard to access the scene and reported that the wounded had to be rescued from beneath the bus’ benches.  

A helicopter at the scene, today. Photography: Victoria Gronov

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