4,000-year-old artwork discovered in Upper Galilee region of Israel

Archaeologists, investigators and workers of the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered a big rock structure known as a dolmen from the Bronze Age. Impressive artistic decorations were engraved on the stone.
The giant structure Photo credit: Gonen Sharon/ Tel Hai College/ Channel 2 News

A gigantic rock structure over 4,000 years old was discovered in the Upper Galilee. The rare structure, known as a dolmen, is engraved with art. “It is the first artwork recorded on a dolmen in the Middle East,” stated Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Uri Berger.

Archaeologists discovered the dolmen in a large dolmen field next to Shamir in the Upper Galilee region of Israel. The field where it was discovered included more than 400 giant rock structures dated back to the Middle Bronze Age, over 4,000 years ago. What is unique about this dolmen is its incredible size (its weight is estimated at no less than 50 tons) and mainly the artistic decorations engraved on its ceiling.

Photo credit: Gonen Sharon/ Tel Hai College/ Channel 2 News

“The giant dolmen indicates, without a doubt, public building,” stated Professor Gonen Sharon who discovered the structure. “Its construction required significant human resources for a considerable period of time. Such large scale building requires engineering and architectural knowledge that wouldn’t normally be found in small nomadic groups. Even more importantly, a strong governing system was needed in order to organize the manpower and order the execution and control of this large and lengthy project.”

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