Israel welcomes first US airlift ahead of President Trump's first official visit

Huge transport planes have landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport, carrying hundreds of tons of vehicles and equipment for the US President's upcoming visit to Israel.
US airlift arrives in Israel ahead of Trump's visit Photo credit: Channan Rubinstein/ Channel 2 News

Donald Trump will make his first visit to Israel as President of the United States in about ten days and the airlift has already begun to land at Ben Gurion Airport. About 30 C-17 American transport planes will arrive in total, bringing with them hundreds of tons of equipment, cars and people to facilitate the presidential visit.

This is a huge logistic operation which includes, among other things, transporting 56 vehicles: 14 limousines and the "beast"- the president's personal limousine. The American planes will also bring three trucks carrying armored glass, which will be installed in the windows of the hotel where Trump will be staying.

Air Force One lands for preliminary visit in Israel Photo Credit: Itai Tzin/ Channel 2 News

The US delegation will include about 900 people: logistics personnel, medical personnel, security guards, computer experts, visit coordinators and White House officials.

20 Secret Service agents will be accompanying the president and will be responsible for his safety. A coordinating delegation has already landed in Israel to plan and coordinate security needs during the visit. The Americans are working with the Shin Bet to arrange security in all the places the president plans to visit: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada and Ramallah.

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