Al-Shabab Al-Aqsa members indicted for planning to attack Israeli security forces at Temple Mount

It has been cleared for publication that the Jerusalem District Police and the Shin Bet arrested several members of Al-Shabab Al-Aqsa on suspicion of being involved in an attempt to harm security forces at the Temple Mount. Additional details about the indictments that were filed against the suspects are still under a gag order.
The Temple Mount Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

During a joint operation with the Jerusalem District Police, the Shin Bet arrested a number of Al-Shabab Al-Aqsa members on suspicion of planning to harm Israeli security forces and Jewish visitors at the Temple Mount. The Jerusalem District Prosecution filed indictments against five members of the organization and has requested that they remain in police custody until the end of the legal proceedings against them.

The members have been charged with being involved in an attempt to prevent visitations from taking place at the Temple Mount by, among other things, instigating violent clashes with security forces and visitors at the holy site. Parts of the indictments and additional pieces of information regarding the case are still under a gag order.

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