Second time in less than two months: Arrow 3 test canceled at last minute

The Israeli Defense Ministry decided at the last moment to cancel the Arrow 3 defense system test that was supposed to take place today. The decision was made due to a problem in the communication system.
Arrow 3 defense system Photo Credit: Israel Missile Defense Organization/Defense Ministry

At the last minute, an Arrow 3 defense system test that was scheduled for Wednesday morning was canceled. The Israeli Defense Ministry stated that today’s test was canceled due to a problem in the communication system.

Boaz Levy, Director General of Israel Aerospace Industries’ Air & Missile Defense Systems, commented on the decision. “This is typical behavior for a test,” he said. “We don’t take any unnecessary risk…Better to have a ‘no test’ than any other scenario.”

In December, JOL reported that a test for the same system was canceled moments before it was supposed to take place because the launched target missile failed to meet the necessary safety requirements. The test was halted at an early stage after the target missile failed to fly at the correct altitude.

The trial was supposed to evaluate the system’s ability to deal with the missiles that Iran is developing. The Arrow 3 system is the highest level of Israel’s multi-layered defense network.

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